CS 498MC, Spring 2012: Systems and Networking Laboratory

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03/07: Room change! Lab in 1214 SC.
03/09: Room change! Lab in 3403 SC.
04/20: Lab held early this week, in 57 Grainger.

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Course description: This course teaches an understanding of networks and systems design through hands-on construction and experimentation with real-world implementations. Students will perform bi-weekly projects in building, analyzing, evaluating, and deploying the communication protocols and server software that make up widely used network infrastructures. This course complements introductory computer networking courses such as CS 438 to cover practical and experimental aspects of networking.

Prerequisite: CS 241 (Systems Programming), or equivalent course on operating systems or networking

Lecture time: WF 12:30 - 1:45

Lecture Location: 1214 SC

Lab Location: 57 Grainger

Course Staff


Matthew Caesar 3118 SC 847-323-2968 (cell) On demand, 3118 SC
Kevin Jin
TA Room
4-5pm, TA Room
Mark Overholt
TA Room
On demand, TA Room