CS 436






Instructor: Matthew Caesar


Matthew Caesar is an associate professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  He also serves as Chief Science Officer of Veriflow.  He has worked in the area of network security for over two decades, publishing over 50 technical papers, which appear in highly selective academic conferences and have resulted in multiple best paper awards. Matthew has led over $5M in research initiatives in  the networking security area, and has received the NSF CAREER award (2011), DARPA CSSG membership (2011), is a CAS Fellow (2013), and received the "Test of Time Award" from the USENIX NSDI for his foundational contributions to software-defined networking.




Teaching Assistant: Elaine Ang


Elaine Ang is an MS student at the University of Illinois, planning to continue to her PhD degree. She completed her BS degree at NYU Shanghai. Elaine's interests are in operating systems and distributed systems, and she conducted extensive prior work in browser security and embedded OSes. Her MS thesis is in the area of applying formal methods to networks, with an emphasis on real-time mechanisms for automatically correcting misconfigurations. Elaine has won several awards including the Best User Experience Award at Google Hackathon 2017.



Teaching Assistant: Chuchao Luo


Chuchao Luo is a BS+MS student at the University of Illinois.  Chuchao has extensive fullstack and distributed systems experience, including buliding large-scale web services using MongoDB, AWS, and frontend technologies such as Angular/Node.js. Chuchao's thesis is in the area of applying Artificial Intelligence to networks. His approach lies in applying strong machine learning techniques to help the network learn about various patterns and failure modes, and react to them without operator involvement. Chuchao's office hours are 2-4pm on Fridays in 3118 SC.